Become Part of This Revolution to Stop Plastic Pollution . 100% Copper Metal Straws

Copper Straws are the right solution to a much larger epidemic in our Oceans.

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 The Copper Straw is the only engraved Reusable two part straw on the market! Made with high-quality, food-grade copper, a Silicone High Temp Tip, to make drinking out of the straw super smooth.  These straws help you cut down unnecessary excess waste created by plastic straws. Each order comes with a carrying case and your choice of an engraved turtle or mermaid. You also can have a black or brown case.  . Our Promise is that Each Straw Purchased helps Us FInish Building our Our Turtle Rescue Habitat Center.

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 You can watch the video below. For me it about sums up the whole issue. If you're young at heart please do not watch it. Its just to bad that we don't have any money to help animals like this. Its up the the public now to save creatures and help clean up the oceans. So please help us. For every straw we are able to travel to save lives.


This story is to to raise awareness about the global plastic waste crisis. Learn what you can do to reduce your own single-use plastics, and purchase a Copper Straw In a cringe-inducing video that's gone viral, a team of scientists spent nearly ten minutes pulling a straw from the nostril of an olive ridley sea turtle. At first, "it looked like a worm," says Christine Figgener, a sea turtle expert at Texas A&M University in College Station who helped the injured reptile off the coast of Costa Rica. Figgener and colleagues were collecting data on sea turtle mating when they noticed something in the nose of a 77-pound (35-kilogram) male.
After team members extracted a couple of centimetres of the object with pliers and snipped off a sample, they discovered that the wrinkled, brownish object was a drinking straw.Assured it wasn't a parasite that might have been attached to part of the turtle's brain, the researchers decided to remove the entire four-inch (ten-centimetre) straw. The team felt it was better to remove the straw immediately since they were hours away from a veterinarian—and there was no guarantee the vet would know how to deal with a sea turtle. (Watch injured sea turtles get healthy in rehab.) "We couldn't believe what we had just pulled out of that turtle," says Figgener.